D.U.R.P (Labyrinth of Fate 2000) (
ART OF ILLUSION still play progmetal on the borderline to melodic hardrock. Among the new songs there are three highlights: the dramatic Between the years (great vocal melodies and progmetal parts), the floating Labyrinth of fate and the hymn Sun goes down. These three tracks show that ART OF ILLUSION are able to pin their tracks in to the ear of the listener. "Labyrinth of fate" at least is on the same level as "Delight". (6 out of 10 points)
D.U.R.P (Delight 1998) (
This is a quite unique cd coming from the german band Art of Illusion. Their metal is rough, but melodic nearly all the time, appears to have some progressive influences and is freaky by the meaning of the word .. freaky in such an intense way that it sometimes made me think of a mixture of Skatterbrain, powermetal and progmetal. I am sure that we will hear from this band again ... so if you are an open minded (prog-)metalhead or in case you like freaky metalbands then you just have to possess this strange jewel ! (6-7 out of 10 points) (the complete review)