The band:

  • Vladimir Catalina
  • Dirk Feufel
  • Patrik Schmitt
  • Lars Tellmann
lead vocals
bass/backing vocals
guitar/backing vocals

Our music:

The versatile sound of our songs is influenced by the individual characters of each member, while melodic hard rock is the common base. We now mix this hard rock with different other styles (e.g. progressivrock, folk, heavy metal... ). So it is difficult to put the sound of The Art of Illusion in one special category.

Band history:

The Art of Illusion was founded October 1994. After some successful gigs in local clubs in January 1995 a demo was recorded, which sold quite well. 

To improve our live performance and to extend our musical spectrum we looked for a bassist, who should relieve Vladimir of playing bass so that he could just concentrate on singing. This bassist was found after a long quest in Dirk.

More gigs in local clubs followed. Excited by the positive reactions in February 1996 the second demo was recorded in a better (and more expensive) studio. This demo is nearly sold out now, too. 

At the beginning of 1997 our keyboarded left us. Now we were again forced to look for a new companion. Since August 1997 Tanja is handling the keyboards.

With our new keyboarder we could now start to record our first CD.. Eight new tracks were recorded with the help of Michael Utz in his studio. Together with the three old tracks from our second demo theses new songs will be found on our CD Delight, which will be released in February 1998.

Some stations of the band history were our gig at a festival in Ludwigsburg in 1996, the successful participation in the LUBU-Rocks Sampler Part 4 (autumn 1996) and in the KSK-newcomer-festival in 1997.

Because Tanja had to leave the band for personal reasons, too, we were without a keyboarder soon after. We found a more than good substitute in Thilo who had been playing in many bands before and had a very good sense for our music. He improved many of our new and old songs with his ideas.

In this constellation we recorded our current CD 'Labyrinth of Fate' at the Eastwood Studio in Kempten under the direction of Peter Lerf. The result is, like many reviews proof, more than satisfying.

Unfortunately Thilo had to leave the band too, because studies drove him to Scotland. We tried to go ahead with programmed keyboards and click but weren't really satisfied. So our search for a 'real' keyboarder continued and ended with Reto who joined us at the end of 2000.

The last big step in out history is the release of the CD 'Labyrinth of Fate' in the beginning of 2001. The CD is available in a limited edition in a digipack and therefor not only sounds good but also looks very appealing.

End of 2001: Alex wants to concentrate his work an another band and try something new. The search for an decent successor begins. In April we found someone who supplements the band both as a musician and as a person: Patrik. He already played his first concert with us, more are to follow soon.

Beginning of 2003: Reto left the band. We are by now searching for the fifth keyboarder.

  • 1995: Demo 'Mary“
  • 1996: Demo 'The Art of Illusion'
  • 1997: LUBU-Rocks Sampler
  • 1998: CD 'Delight'
  • 2001: CD 'Labyrinth of Fate'